Group Mentoring Sessions for 12 May

Here are the time slots for our group mentoring sessions for 12 May.


Time Slot

Fabulous Family


Giraffe Experience


Hangry Wolf








This will be the last round of group meetings. Every group will get 10 minutes to present your working prototype and 5 minutes to answer questions and address feedback. Please have your demo ready at the designated time, as we will be on a tight schedule.


Group Mentoring Sessions for 28 April

Here are the time slots for our group mentoring sessions for 28 April.


Time Slot

Fabulous Family


Giraffe Experience


Hangry Wolf








Second Set of Group Mentoring Sessions

This week we will meet again for another set of group mentoring sessions. We will be meeting you in the same sequence as you marked in the Doodle.

Group Time Slot
Fabulous Family 08:15-08:45
Giraffe Experience 08:45-09:15
Hangry Wolf 09:15-09:45
iBeacon 09:45-10:15
AdvJukebox 10:15-10:45
Japira 10:45-11:15






Upcoming Group Mentoring Sessions

From our next session on 17th March we will shift from lectures to group mentoring. Each group will receive a 30min time slot during which the group will need to present the outcomes of their work during the past 2 weeks and receive feedback from the lecturers. The starting point for the sessions will be a review of your GitHub activity, which will be used to keep track of your progress. This will be followed up by demoing your code and discussing any ongoing issues.

To better prepare for the session, please use this Doodle poll to select a time slot for your group. Please add the name of your group in the name field. The order of time slots will be then used in all future group mentoring sessions.

Our meetings will take place in A433. 

Third Assignment

For the third assignment you should use GitHub to begin planning milestones and tasks for your project. Try to assign tasks to members of your team and get a sense of how you are going to proceed with implementing your project ideas in code.

In addition to this you should further mature the initial building blocks and code experiments of your interactive system. This is also the time for you to start working on initial implementations of the user interface for your application. All of this should distributed among members of your team and committed to GitHub by each person. 

Please make sure your work for this assignment and updates to the previous assignments based on the feedback you received are available in GitHub by Wednesday, 16th March.

Smartwatch and Smart TV Application Development

watchOS Tutorials

watchOS Additional Reading

tvOS Tutorials

tvOS Additional Reading

Second Assignment

For the second assignment you will need to identify the technologies that will enable your group project. You should explore the target operating systems, device types, software frameworks, and libraries that you might need. Please post an elaborated description and any relevant diagrams in your group’s GitHub wiki.

Next, you should set up your development environment and start working on initial examples of code that will be used to build your project. This should be done by every member of your team and the code should be committed by everyone to your group’s GitHub project.

Please update the first assignment based on the feedback you received in class and submit the second assignment by Thursday 3rd March. 

Finally, if you would like to study the concepts we learned in class further, you can take a look at the following tutorials.

iOS development challenge 1:

  1. For iOS development see this youtube video 
  2. Do this tutorial to develop our first basic iOs UI interface: Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)

Android development challenge 2:  

  1. For Android development see this youtube video 
  2. Do this tutorial to develop our first basic Building a Simple User Interface